Cheap Used Vans, SUV's, trucks and Cars Under $1000 Dollars

How to Buy Cheap and Used Cars, Trucks, Jeeps, SUVs under $1000 Dollars (USD)

Have you ever wondered "Where can I find used cars for cheap?" Wonder no more! You have found one of the top sites to do just that!
    Find used cheap Trucks, SUVs, Vans and Cars under 1000 dollars here! We search through thousands of ads from multiple websites every day to bring you the best deals on cheap used cars for under 1000 dollars for sale by owner and dealers. This is also a great place to shop for cars for $500 on our Cars Under 500 Dollars page in preparation for the 24 Hours of LeMons! Please check back often, our car ads update every day. 

Cars Under 1000 Dollars

Are you looking to buy your first car? How about someone who lives in a harsh winter area? Do you race on the weekends? Like to rebuild cars? For any of the above, consider cars under 1000 dollars. These cars are perfect for a new driver's first car - especially when the driver is on a tight budget. Why risk damaging your primary vehicle in the ice and snow? Pick up a winter beater for under $1000. Race teams often pick up cars under $1000 for race vehicles. Many rebuild projects started as cars under 1000. Stretch your dollar - buy a car for under $1000!

Vans Under 1000 Dollars

Family growing? Need something to haul your tools and ladders? How about a minivan, cargo, or work van for under $1000 dollars? Buy a cheap minivan as a second vehicle for those trips where the family is traveling together. Are you a handyman? Do you provide services such as painting, construction, carpentry, locksmith, etc.? Purchase a cargo van under 1000 dollars to haul your tools and ladders. No need to have brand new vehicles for these things when a van under $1000 dollars may fit your needs just fine.

Flip Cars for Cash

If you or a friend are handy with auto repairs, you could buy a used cheap car for under 1000 dollars, do some minor repair work yourself (body work, brakes, motor repair, interior), and have an inexpensive vehicle for around $1000. There are even some folks who flip cars - pick them up cheap, and sometimes just detail them and sell them for a profit. Other times, simply replacing tires or brakes or making minor engine repairs will be enough to have the car ready to resell for a nice profit.

Buy and Sell Cars for Profit


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